Reciprocal Clubs

New South Wales


South Australia

Northern Territory



Reciprocal Rights Agreement

  1. Each Club shall extend to its reciprocal members, all privileges to the golf course and other club facilities usually given to its own members.
  2. A member who normally resides within 150 kilometres of the reciprocal club shall not be entitled to the benefits provided for under this agreement.
  3. A reciprocal member will be required to provide a letter of introduction stating proof of membership and current handicap details from the home club.
  4. Reciprocal benefits will not extend for more than thirty days from the date of the introduction letter and will cover no more then ten games per year.
  5. A member visiting a reciprocal club shall be subject to the Rules and By-Laws in effect at that club at the time.
  6. A reciprocal member shall be required to pay such competition fees as are applicable to club members.
  7. Reciprocal members will be exempt from the payment of green fees in all competition and social play.
  8. A reciprocal member may introduce visitors to the club and those visitors shall be required to pay such competition fees as are applicable to club members and shall pay any applicable green fees.
  9. A reciprocal member shall be ineligible to compete in major club championships or win club perpetual trophies.
  10. This agreement shall remain in force until such time as it is terminated by either club upon written notice.