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Posted on: 17 September

30 March 2020

Golf will be continuing for the time being with the proviso that only two players can play in any group to comply with the new social distancing rules.  Please comply with this requirement as it will be rigorously enforced.   This includes social players as well as competitions.

There were Medley Single Men’s Single Stableford competitions played on Saturday and Sunday and a Ladies and Men’s Single Stableford played on Wednesday.

Jenny O’Byrne was the winner of Wednesday’s Ladies Single Stableford with 35 points, from Rulie Steinfort with 31 points and Carolyn O’Byrne with 25 points.

Harry Mould produced a blistering first eight holes with 25 points and although he got into a bit of trouble on the last ten holes his total of 40 points was enough to give him a two shot victory over Col Langdon with 38 points.

Balls went to Simon Allen with 38 points, Denis Minehan with 35 points, Warren Bray with 35 points, Geoff Bohringer with 35 points, David Robinson with 34 points, Hunter Caldwell with 33 points, Andreas Geach with 33 points, Jeff Burgess with 33 points and Tim Bedingfeld with 33 points.

The shot of the day went to Lindsay Blewitt, who’s tee shot on 17 hit a tree and finished some 15 metres behind him.  He received the usual amount of sympathy.

Josh Rainsford took out A Grade in Saturday’s Medley Single Stableford with his 37 points edging out Dave Robinson on a countback.

Mark Kelly took out B Grade with 35 points from Ken McGrath with 32 points, whilst Kerry Blencowe scored an impressive 43 points to take out C Grade from Wayne Flynn.  There is no truth in the rumour that Kerry played more than 18 holes to reach his score.

Ball winners were Steve Young with 35 points, Sean Smith with 35 points, Troy Henning with 32 points, Paul Fuller with 32 points, Craig Wheatley with 32 points, Neil Venables with 32 points and Dave Douglass with 32 points.

Not all scores from Sunday’s Medley Single Stableford have been entered but Wayne Flynn is in the lead with 38 points from Tom Lloyd with 35 points, Frank McKnight with 35 points, Hunter Caldwell with 34 points, Denis Minehan with 32 points and Steve Young with 32 points.  The competition will be finalised when the missing two scores are submitted.

It’s good to see Junior Tom Lloyd playing in Men’s competitions and acquitting himself well.  His father Paul took the road less travelled on the 11th on Sunday, playing his approach to the green from the clubhouse side of the Ladies 12th tee (and hit a great shot in to boot).

Future scheduled events:

Saturday – Ladies Monthly Medal and Association Medal – Men’s Monthly Medal

Sunday  – Medley Single Stableford

Next Wednesday (08 April) – Men’s and Ladies Single Stableford.

See you on the course !

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