Weekly Club News

Posted on: 17 September

24 January 2021

The good news is that the Club has been successful in winning a major grant from the NSW Department of Customer Services worth $ 108,000, as part of the September 2020 Sport and Recreation round of grants.

This money is earmarked for the upgrade of irrigation to our greens  Specifically this will involve the replacement of irrigation lines and sprinklers to the 14 greens not already upgraded by the club over the past 5 or 6 years as well as improvements to the pumping system and replacement of portions of the overall reticulation system.

No date has been set for the commencement of work but at this stage it is expected that it will be carried out over winter when there will be less disruption to players due to the  expected lesser number of participants.

The Best Round of the week was shared by Rulie Steinfort and Tom Lloyd with 41 points.  Mal Crockett and Denis Minehan both had 40 points whilst Mark Rainsford and Hunter Caldwell had 39 point, Ben Smith had 38 points, Peter Devereux, Brian Searl and John Harris had 37 points whilst Roy Hankinson and Richard Hill matched their handicap with 36 points.

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